mercoledì 28 agosto 2019

Lo Sport del Doping, studi robusti e fatui

Marco Bonarrigo è l'ultimo giornalista serio e interessato ad approfondire il tema e ad allargare gli spazi su carta e online ...

Prevalence estimate of blood doping in elite track and field at the introduction of  the Athlete Biological Passport HAEMATOL/2019/235416

What are the new findings?
  • this study presents the first comparison of blood doping prevalence in elite track & field athletes based on biological measurements from major international events
  • our results from robust haematological parameters indicate an estimation of an overall blood doping prevalence of 18% in average in endurance athletes
  • the confidence intervals for blood doping prevalence range from 9-28% with wide discrepancies between certain countries
How might it impact on clinical practice in the near future

  • the further development of the Athlete Biological Passport with a careful monitoring of biological parameters still represents the most consistent approach to thwart athletes using undetectable prohibited substances or methods
  • this study describes a method to define blood doping prevalence with the analysis of robust haematological parameters
  • estimates of doping prevalence in subpopulations of athletes may represent a valuable tool for the antidoping authorities to perform a risk assessment in their sport

Nel frontespizio c'è quasi tutto e nell'abstract si entra nel merito ... The estimate of doping prevalence was obtained by using a Bayesian network with seven variables.

RET%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC che trovate nelle vostre analisi del sangue, elaborate per 3683 campioni di 209 paesi nei Mondiali 2011 (1808) e 2013 (1875).

Poi ci sono le sotto analisi su Prevalence of Doping: endurance only, for female athletes, for male athletes, comparison between Daegu and Moscow.

Ventisette pagine ben riassunte sul Corriere (chi altro?), aspettando un'azione della IAAF per approfondire dove serve e aggiornare le competizioni.

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