giovedì 25 giugno 2020

prepararsi meglio (Malcolm Gladwell)

Alla prima recensione mi ero perso l'ottimo passato di mezzofondista soffermandomi più sul confronto fra presentazioni (click) ...

if you have a job that requires you to constantly be exposed to new ideas it gives you an enormous vantage

but everyone's job is like that (you know) if I was a medical doctor I would be constantly leraning about medicine

my ideal book is a book where you draw someone in with a pwerful story and then you uncover all kinds of new dimensions

I was lucky! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be the mean that came out of that book: you can't predict these things

happens that you write a book and if you have enough of those interesting ideas you hope that at least one of them will catch people imagination

10'000 hours? it takes so long to master something complicated that you need help: I was trying to get people awayto do it all yourself

(click) la prossima volta è meglio prepararsi meglio, se lo spessore dell'intervistato vale più del personaggio social

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