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siti IAAF e RW, nuove vesti

Dopo il cambio avvenuto nei mesi scorsi, ecco l'evoluzione nella stessa direzione di altri due siti di riferimento, e più visual, più social, più light ... per favorire le new entry, sopratutto dagli apparecchi mobili. Pronti per essere bombardati da un mondo di informazioni? Forse è tempo che mi evolva anch'io ...

The IAAF is delighted to unveil its new image on the internet with the launch of our new website.

The IAAF Website, whose home page was last redesigned in 2007, offers the visitor a brighter, more visual, less cluttered visit. Our new platform is transparently searchable giving users easier access to the existing statistical information such as results, records and lists, and our editorial content including over 25,000 news articles and 10,000 photographs.

New features include a standalone RESULTS section where you can access ALL results, for the first time providing a one stop location for all archived data from the various categories of IAAF Competitions; a more visual ATHLETES section; and a new DISCIPLINES section providing basic information especially designed to help engage newer fans about our sport.  To coincide with our launch the video content of our MULTIMEDIA is powered by the IAAF’s YouTube channels, which along with the well-established IAAF World Athletics Club on Facebook and IAAF Twitter, plugs social media into every page.

The new IAAF website has been designed to be mobile compatible, and IAAF apps are planned for 2013, along with further new sections such as a Fan Zone and a Shop.

We hope you enjoy the new website experience. IAAF

Welcome to the New Runner's World Web Site - We've made several enhancements and upgrades to
By Chris Kraft, published November 12, 2012

We’re pleased to bring you a site that looks cleaner, loads faster, has more information, works better on mobile, has improved search and will completely eliminate your plantar fasciitis.

Okay, it’s not going to heal your plantar issues – go here for help with that – but the site does have plenty of enhancements:
  • The typeface is easier to read.
  • The content is better organized and presented.
  • Topics, departments, and tags will offer a better mix of recent articles and relevant information.
  • The search functionality is much improved – and will get better over time. Whether you’re searching on the site or in a search engine, you’ll have an easier time finding the content you’re seeking.
  • Commenting throughout the site is now powered by Facebook. Simply sign in and comment. We believe this will elevate and spark conversations, both on the site and in social media.
  • The site now features articles and information from our sister publication, Running Times. If you’re not familiar with Running Times, it’s geared toward more experienced and competitive runners, with special emphasis on high school, college, and masters running. This integration with Running Times – and the additional content it brings – will make deeper and stronger. (Note: The magazines will remain separate and distinct.) 
  • Our popular Forums are upgrading to a new version of the Pluck software, which offers faster and more reliable performance, a better search tool and other improvements.
  • The mobile site received a much-needed shot in the arm. More areas are now mobile-friendly, including the Runner's World Challenge, the Shoe Finder, and our pace and fitness calculators.
We are fortunate to have loyal and passionate readers. We appreciate your visiting, and your contributions to the site.

As with any change, there will be some bugs. Please let us know if you have a problem with the site, or have suggestions about future improvements. We’ll work to quickly address issues. Email if you see something that's not right.

And please know: This is our latest step to bring you the best, most authoritative and comprehensive web site about running on the planet. But it’s not our last step. Look for more improvements down the road.

Thank you for reading, Chris Kraft / Deputy Editor, Digital

P.S. Don’t forget – you can also keep up with RW on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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