sabato 15 dicembre 2012

GapingVoid, Art requires Connection

It's not the art, it's what the art does.
I am so grateful to all my friends who have made the decision to enhance their work spaces with my art.
It is an artists dream that 'important' things like business can be influenced by their art. Lots of executives now know that surrounding their teams with my thoughtful messages does change their business outcomes.
The idea of humans articulate their culture through art is not a new idea. Religious art has done this since the beginning. The new development is that I am being told that my work is so powerful in impacting the atmosphere of offices.
Sorry, for going on about this, but we've just achieved our 4,000 gapingvoid art client, and I and the team are so grateful for the connection that has come around my workGodspeed.

È stata sufficiente la citazione "Hugh MacLeod is a genius" ...

nel post 22/11 di Seth, in cui ringrazia i collaboratori al progetto KickStarter, per farmi scoprire il mondo e registrare alla newsletter quotidiana (vd. post 18/02) ...

I’m Hugh MacLeod. I’m a cartoonist. Occasionally I write books.
GapingVoid is interested in start-up culture, because changing business for the better is what we’re about; that’s what Social Object Factory is about. We live and breathe it; we help everyone from lone entrepreneurs, to mid-sizers, to Fortune 500’s do the same. Check out our work here.
We create art that helps companies kick ass, end of story.
We also have a daily cartoon newsletter that makes a lot of people happy.
If you just want to say ‘Hello’, feel free to email me, anytime.
If you want to talk business, then it’s probably best to please contact my business partner, gapingvoid CEO Jason Korman, here. We look forward to working with you. Thanks!

Tutti i link nella fascia laterale! Ecco la mail di stanotte ... Be The Color, Why it pays to do things differently

Why bother doing things differently? This is a reminder why. 
Differentiate, innovate, create. Be that light that everyone is drawn to because you walk and talk with that edge that your competitors don't have. Confront the fear of pushing that message, design or marketing to the edges. It is the only way, in this commoditized world that you'll be remembered, loved and respected. I'd love to do one of our huge 40' x 40' prints on aluminum with this image. If you have a place for it in your office contact us HERE.

Colori? Mai aver paura di farne un uso molto personale: potrebbe avere grande successo, come insegna PSY con Gangnam Style, il video più visualizzato della storia di YouTube ... verso il miliardo!

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